Web bonsaï review #4 – august 2012

Web bonsaï review #4 – august 2012

Fourth edition of the journal’s web bonsai by ActuBonsaï. Program increased relevance, some photos of the exhibition LMVD 2012 in Montevideo (Uruguay), bonsai absolutely beautiful, an artist, a collector of ceramic pots and exception … Welcome to all new and in this latest installment of an August where it is always hotter!

The links to the translator will always be present, but I will now always add a page already translated into English. I hope that this will improve your viewing and navigation.

Exceptional Bonsai:

Credits: TAE KUKIWON BONSAI. ; BONSAI CENTER SOPELANA ; Trees, Bonsai etc. around the World (Belen Nemec & Company) ; Estavios Bonsai Guate . , Bonsai Clubs International . , Single Artist (nature) . , Trees, Bonsai etc. around the World (Belen Nemec & Company) .

Bonsai exhibitions:

Good news, as you can see, the schedule has been implemented on the blog. It is operational and I am updating slowly. You will find a lot of the major events in the world of bonsai. I also try to open in the next time a page dedicated to the calendar. It should provide a good usability.

# Bonsai MTVD Festival 2012 Montevideo:

Know the dates of bonsai exhibitions in the world is not an easy thing to find photos is even less. However, I had the chance of getting some pictures of the exhibition of Montevideo which took place a few days ago. I share with you here, thank you for Sergio Luciani .


# An artist to discover on facebook:

Azuma Makoto东信 makes sculptures very interesting plant that I invite you to discover on his facebook page. These works are refreshing and we all change a little bonsai.

# A collector of pots and ceramics exception:

These days I’ve been getting to know a collector of ceramics and bonsai pots on the net, Mr Kenny TAY . Photo albums of his pots on facebook often provide a description of the ceramist who created them. I had the pleasure of discovering one of my jars bought in Japan during the Asia-Pacific agreement ASPAC was a potter famous Bunzan (文山) Kaoru Ito.

Bunzan ( 文山 ) Kaoru Ito – Japanese Bonsai Pots

Mis à jour : lundi
The above BUNZAN pots from my personal collection,
its made by the famous potter, Kaoru Ito ( Bunzan ) ( 文山 )
bottom of the pot has Bunzan stamp and signature and also glaze.
It’s proof that this pots fully hand-made by him.
Even though the shape of the pot is plain the glaze is extremely good.
I enjoy his use of color. His use of color is fascinating.His real name is Kaoru Ito.
He was born on May 10, 1949Kaoru Ito, uses the name Bunzan for his pots.
He operates his own kiln at the age 24 years old
and expert in round pots with amazing colorful glaze.
when making pots, mostly all his pots shaped by hand.
Bunzan does not use molds and
he produces his works by the touch of his fingers.Many of his pots are round or oval with an occasional
square or rectangle pot to be found.
He also on a rare occasion creates a pot that
represents items like acorns, squash etc.His use of color is fascinating.
Photos really don’t allow you to appreciate the
vibrancy and saturation of the colors he uses.Bunzan’s studio as expected is small with pots everywhere.My pleasure to sharing with you….
Thank you for watching my personal Bonsai Pots Collections….

Text by Mr Kenny Tay.

Photographs pot Bunzan: ActuBonsaï

Playing with food:

Onigiri in the spotlight this week.

What the fuck:

For what the fuck this fourth edition I propose a course of Japanese bodybuilding . Maybe next week you will have a photo of an IDOL for you gentlemen.

Keep fit and ActuBonsaï coming soon.

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