Web bonsai review #5 – September 2012

Web bonsai review #5 – September 2012

Summer will end slowly and gradually everyone takes the path of work. Temperatures will begin to fall slowly, especially at sunrise. This signal will give our top trees starting to make reservations. It’s almost time to start fertilizing our bonsai thoroughly.

But before that I suggest you read the fifth review of bonsai web actubonsaï. As in previous editions you will find a gallery of bonsai exception, upcoming exhibitions, a meeting with an artist and bonsai missed what the fuck.

Exceptional Bonsai:

Prunus mume bonsai with white flowers


burgeranium acer (maple trident) | Spruce

White Pine | satsuki azalea

Photo credits: Peter Ebensperger . KUKIWON TAE BONSAI. Estavios Bonsai Guate . Katsumi Komiya . Belen Nemec .

Bonsai exhibitions:

# 24th national congress in Spain 14-15 October 2012

ASPAC Takamatsu #

I made a small return on the Asia Pacific Convention 2011 with a photo and a short video. The photo was taken by a friend, Jerome COLOGNE alias Matsu Bonsai , I am next to a large bonsai Takasago-an :

And video of the suiseki exhibited in ASPAC :

Masahiko Kimura meeting:

I’ve found some photos taken of master Masahiko Kimura. I take this opportunity to share.

Photo credit: Belen Nemec

Tea houses:

The tea houses are the setting in which is found sometimes exposed a bonsai. To better soak up the special atmosphere of the tea houses I invite you to discover this book: « The contemporary tea house » Japan’s top Achitects redefine a tradition by Arata Isozaki | Tadao Ando | Terunobu Fujimori. The tradition is revisited but respected by these three architects nipons. A must for Christmas gifts.

Japan is cool?

Fancy a holiday? Why not go to Japan: Tokyo and Okinawa in the spotlight:

Okinawa : the link to many other bonus by ANA

Tokyo : The link to many other bonus by ANA

What the f (d) uck:

If you take a flight to Japan, either with or AISANA ANA AIRLINES beware stowaways …

And the little extra that does not hurt, a Japanese advertising for small chocolate candies: chocobon!

Thus closing this first episode of our journal in September of bonsai by ActuBonsaï web. I hope you had a great time.


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