Web bonsai review #7 – september 2012

Autumn settles gently. Morning temperatures remind us that summer is well and truly over. Within a few weeks the trees will stain. This is the signal for them as winter approaches, and for us as exhibitions and work will resume. Web bonsai review begins to be well defined: a gallery of exceptional trees, a return to the exhibitions that took place recently, the announcement of those to come, a tour of the best facebook pages and best blogs … Welcome to the seventh edition of our review of bonsai web.

Exceptional bonsai by Yoshitomo Ishizuka:

Yoshitomo Ishizuka - bonsai art museum Yoshitomo Ishizuka - bonsai art museum

Bonsai pots collection:

# A beautiful brick color pot, photos Kenny Tay

pot à bonsaï de collection

pot à bonsaï de collection

pot à bonsaï de collection

# Lotus flower pot, photo Kenny Tay

pot à bonsaï de collection

# Yamaaki et Koshousen -Tokoname, photo Poterie-du-monde.com

Size : 258 x 197 x 80 mm.

Yamaaki et Koshousen -Tokoname

Yamaaki et Koshousen -Tokoname

Upcoming exhibitions:

# Sakka Ten autumn trees 2012

sakka ten 2012

Do not miss the inevitable Sakka ten taking place in Peniscola soon. This is a unique opportunity to be able to attend such an event. Remember that the next edition in 2014, will be held in Saitama Japan and the trip will be much longer to get there.

# Shohin / Kifu, Chuin bonsai cup
From 17 to 19 May 2013

chuin bonsai cup 2013

The tour of the best facebook pages:


nipoweb 2

nipoweb 3

#  20 photos workshop by Morten Albek

workshop morten albek

workshop morten albek  workshop morten albek

Discover blogs :

# Bjorvala bonsai studio :

Firstly a classic blog, bjorvala bonsai, the same who graced us great videos for several months now. I suggest you take the time to visit because it is rich in content. You will find among other beautiful photos, videos, and special atmosphere that prevails in Japan in the world of bonsai.

bjorvala bonsai studio

Credit : http://bjorvalabonsaistudio.com/

 # Kitora no do :

Then I invite you to discover the blog of Nicola « Kitora » Crivelli, a great man of bonsai in Europe http://kitorabonsai.wordpress.com/. Such as before, this blog is very rich and you can spend a lot of time. I take this opportunity to announce an exclusive interview with Mr Crivelli on actubonsai in the coming days.

Credit : http://kitorabonsai.wordpress.com/

# Sam & KJ’s Suiseki Blog (水石)

A blog suiseki enthusiast, Sam and KJ’s Suiseki Blog (水 石), where you can also find amazing articles. I put the direct links to the article on Heian Tofukuji (平安 东 福寺).


Credit : http://samedge.wordpress.com

Moving on ActuBonsaï :

As you may have noticed the blog activity is a bit more intense this time. This is due to the return of the bonsai club in which I am enrolled as well as the passage of the first level instructor at the French Federation of bonsai (FFB).

Kit-Kat what the fuck :

Little more when on holiday in Japan is hunting Kit-Kat. There are so many different variety … During your next visit please do not hesitate to try them, it is sometimes surprising.

The full album by VISIT JAPAN 2010 on facebook, you will also see the famous Meiji chocolates.

See you soon on ActuBonsaï.

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