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Web bonsai review #12 – december 2012

The first snow fell and came to cover the bonsai on the shelves. Here is the starting point of this twelfth edition of our web bonsai review. We are particularly fortunate because many pictures of the Taikan-ten circulating at the moment, I also found some great pictures of bonsai taken this autumn and also a good plan to travel cheaper in Japan.

Antique bonsaï pots :

If you enjoy exceptional bonsai pots, old and covered with patina I suggest you follow Ayumu Fukano. I put some pictures of pots posted recently.

ayumu fukano bonsai pot 01

ayumu fukano bonsai pot 02

Bonsai exhibitions in Japan :

Taikan-ten 2012 :

Photographs par : Bjorn Bjorholm, Owen Reich, Seiya Kiyama, Peter Tea Bonsai

Nippon Bonsai Taikan-ten is the second most important exhibition of bonsai in Japan after the famous kokufu-ten. It takes place every year in late November in Kyoto Miyako mess, recognizable by its architecture building made of huge red tubes on the outside. This is the Nippon Bonsai Association, particularly the section of Kyoto, which organizes the event.

Miyako messe taikan-ten bonsai

Miyako messe taikan-ten bonsai

This is a major exhibition in several aspects, firstly the quality of presentations and the number of trees, and then the number of visitors who go there (over 10,000 annually). You notice that the beige color walls allow perfectly enjoy the trees, moreover they are perfect for making photographs.

Portfolio :

taikan ten 2012

A view of the paths during the installation of the exhibition.

taikan ten  installation taikan ten installation taikan ten installation

taikan ten 2012 - juniperus rigida

taikan ten 2012 – some juniperus rigida exhibited

taikan ten - juniperus rigida neagari taikan ten - juniperus rigida taikan ten - juniperus rigida

taikan ten - callicarpa sur roche

Fruit trees to Taikan-tan: callicarpa recognizable by its purple clusters of fruit.

taikan ten - aubépine taikan ten - dyospiros kaki - plaqueminier du Japon taikan ten - grenadier

 Above in order: hawthorn, persimmon and pomegranate
taikan ten - malus sieboldii han-kengai

A stunning waterfall malus sieboldii .

taikan ten 2012 erable sur roche

Acer palmatum nejikan.

taikan ten 2012 - stewartia monodelpha

A stewartia monodelpha.

Hanyu Uchiku-tei :

Photographs by Michael Bonsai (盆栽)

There is very little information on this exhibition which is not one in the conventional sense. Rather it is a set in a tokonoma exposure throughout the year at Seiji Morimae garden. You can enjoy original trees, full of delicacy and suiseki.

Seiji Morimae presentation on internationalbonsai.com :

Seiji Morimae is a fifth generation bonsai artist who traces his family’s horticultural business for over 500 years. His many years of bonsai, suiseki and display study combined with his fine taste, have provided him with the necessary background to create S-Cube a business consisting of a large bonsai garden and two retail stores in Tokyo, Japan.

S-CUBE bonsai ASPAC 2011

S-CUBE bonsai stand at ASPAC 2011 – shikoku bonsaï tour (actubonsai)

Now, the photographs of the presentations:

Hanyu Uchikutei - Exhibition1

Pinus pentaphylla triple trunk – raw dark brown pot – shelf bars stand

Hanyu Uchikutei - Exhibition

Camelia kengaï –  Original high stand – tempai and kokemono

Hanyu Uchikutei - Exhibition6

Pinus pentaphylla – kusamono & kakemono

Hanyu Uchikutei - Exhibition13

Acer pamatum han kengai _ suiseki & kakemono

Hanyu Uchikutei - Exhibition21

Large leaf palmatum.

Hanyu Uchikutei - Exhibition23

Pinus densiflora triple trunk _ tempai & kakemono

Hanyu Uchikutei - Exhibition25

Pinus densiflora _ kusamono & kakemono

Hanyu Uchiku-tei - Exposition

Hanyu Uchiku-tei – Exhibition

Hanyu Uchikutei - Exhibition17

Hanyu Uchiku-tei – Exhibition

Suiseki exhibition :

Hanyu Uchikutei - Exhibition suiseki

Hanyu Uchikutei - Exhibition suiseki Hanyu Uchikutei - Exhibition suiseki Hanyu Uchikutei - Exhibition suiseki

Hanyu Uchikutei - Exhibition suiseki Hanyu Uchikutei - Exhibition suiseki Hanyu Uchikutei - Exhibition suiseki

Hanyu Uchikutei - Exhibition suiseki Hanyu Uchikutei - Exhibition suiseki Hanyu Uchikutei - Exhibition suiseki

Travel cheaper to Japan :

A trip to Japan can be expensive, but there are tips not to be missed if you want to lower the bill and get more pleasure out of place. I found a very good plan for accommodation: sakura house.

sakura house

They offer a rental of hotel rooms at a fair price even in Tokyo. But the most interesting is the possibility to rent an apartment for 1-4 people monthly. You will be able to rent an apartment in Tokyo, Saitama, but also (for amateur bonsai), and Yokohama … Prices range from € 700 to just over € 1000, as saying that it is unbeatable if wants to have to spend a month in Japan!

For example there are three apartments less than 900 € / month for two to Saitama. A unique opportunity to visit the nurseries bonsai thoroughly, including the master Kawabe.

What the fuck :

japan fun food

See you soon on ActuBonsaï.

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