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Web bonsai review #13 – december 2012

Hi all,

this review of bonsai web will be the last of 2012. There will be time later to make a point over the year. But before that, take the time for a final review of the best of the bonsai on the web with an exceptional exhibition in Japan, a good plan to travel cheaper …


Omiya demonstrator at EBA 2013 :

Omiya demonstrator who will be present at EBA Congress is Mr. Chiharu Imai. He has made several articles in Bonsai Focus magazine. It is a Japanese master from the nursery of Mr. Yamada, and the current president of Omiya Bonsai. We are proud to welcome him.

demonstrateur omiya imai chiharu eba 2013

Imai Chiharu omiya demonstrator at EBA 2013


KYUSHU Miyabi :

By : shohin-bonsai.

The twenty-fifth edition of the Kyushu Miyabi was held from November 30 to December 2, 2012 at Mifune Kunamoto on the island of Kyushu. Here are some pictures for you to discover this exhibition dedicated to  shohin bonsai.

Exposition kyushu miyabi 2012 - 01


Exposition kyushu miyabi 2012 - 00 Exposition kyushu miyabi 2012 - 03 Exposition kyushu miyabi 2012 - stand professionnel

President Honor Award : Hiroshi OzawaKyushu miyabi M. Hiroshi Ozawa Prix président d'honneur - Hiroshima

And a few trees of the exhibition:

pin thunberg 19cm - pot terre violette shidei - propriétaire : Hiroshi Ozawa Hiroshima

pinus thunbergii 19cm – shidei clay – owner : Hiroshi Ozawa Hiroshima

juniperus shimpaku 19cm - propriétaire Nakamura Motonobu Yatsushiro

juniperus shimpaku 19cm – owner Nakamura Motonobu Yatsushiro

pyracantha 14cm - pot Horie Bikoh - propriétaire Beppu, Isao Kudo

pyracantha 14cm – pot Horie Bikoh – owner Beppu, Isao Kudo

erable buerger 26cm - catégorie Kifu

acer buergeranium 26cm – size Kifu

More pictures available here : shohin-bonsai.


Travel cheaper to Japan :

Facebook page of the All Nippon Airways.

I suggest you subscribe to the facebook page of the All Nippon Airways if you want to take advantage of bargains for travel to Japan by paying your ticket at the best price. Judge for yourself:

all nippon airways promotion automne

all nippon airways promotion hiver

Such an offer appears every 3 months. The prices shown here are valid for relatively short periods so be reactive. For example offers winter it is possible to have a round trip ticket for kokufu-ten less than 700 €.


Japan cooking :

By : Japanese Beauty Design.

The beauty design is made by SHOTUKIDO that is located at OSAKA. SHOTUKIDO has over 120 year’s history for Japanese style confection making.
It is made from rice cake filled with fruit.
You can enjoy tea time with it.

mochi fruits

FRUIT MOCHI —> http://bit.ly/XDjDP7(Web: Only Japanese / Photo: SHOTIKUDO)

Made by TORAYA that is located at HIROSHIMA prefecture. TORAYA has about 400 year’s history for Japanese style confection making.
It is one of the most popular Japanese confectioneries known as ‘DAIFUKU’ (Japanese confection made from a rice cake filled with bean jam).
This DAIFUKU made of rice cake filled with pudding.

Toraya houjicha puddingHOUJICHA PUDDING —> http://bit.ly/UMM46b (Web: Only Japanese / Photo: TORAYA)


What the fuck :

A work by Azuma Makoto 東信.


bonsai and water by azuma makoto

If you want to know more : Azuma Makoto aquarium & bonsaï

See you soon on ActuBonsaï.

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