Web bonsai review #15 – january 2013

Web bonsai review #15 – january 2013

Hello everyone this fifteenth edition of our web bonsai review. The formula is still evolving a bit because the part dedicated to Japan began to be increasingly provided, and therefore it will integrate full articles. In this way the content will remain more readable.

article bonsai master


Evolution of a masterpiece :

Photos : Joe, Melbourne, Australia

This shimpaku is named Kokkaido’s crane,  here in 2009 :

shimpaku masterpiece
Height 102cm Width 92cm – Nursery : Morimae
shimpaku masterpiece 01
Here in 1980 upon arrival at its first owner Zyuo Hongo.
shimpaku masterpiece 02
One year later in 1981.

A before/after in 1985 :

shimpaku masterpiece 03
1985 : before
shimpaku masterpiece 05
1985 : after work

We can only admire the work done, and perspective on the future of our yamadori. Time and good care will give wonderful results.


Upcoming exhibition :

KPSB bonsai & suiseki

philippine bonsai society


38th Gafu-ten 2013 :

The 38th edition of the Gafu-ten was held a few days ago in Kyoto (from 10 to 13 January). Jonas Sandell offers us this beautiful video of the exhibition:


22th gomangoku show annuel :

Photos by Peter Tea Bonsai – full article with many pictures is available on his blog. I invite you to subscribe to his blog, as you will receive a mail when a new article put online. I’m sure he will be very honored to count you among his readers.

Few words about the exhibition. It is organized by Daiju-in and allow its customers as well as those of aichien and other friends and lovers expose their trees.

gomangoku bonsai exhibition

gomangoku bonsai exhibition 13
The exhibition room.
gomangoku bonsai exhibition 07
A root over rock japanese quince.
gomangoku bonsai exhibition 08
A dyospiros kaki : Princess Persimmon
gomangoku bonsai exhibition - pseudocydonia sinensis
A pseudocydonia sinensis
gomangoku bonsai exhibition - malus sieboldii
A crabapple.
gomangoku bonsai exhibition 10 - Un pin blanc triple tronc très délicat
Triple trunk white pine.
gomangoku bonsai exhibition 02
Photo shoot of the trees.

Edition 2011 is available here.



36th Tokyo Soshi Exposition :

Photos by Michael Bonsai.source

I don’t have much information to give you about this mame exphibition held in Tokyo. Even Michael didn’t find anything about it. I hope we have the opportunity to return to this event soon :

36th Tokyo Soshi Exhibition 2

36th Tokyo Soshi Exhibition 1 36th Tokyo Soshi Exhibition 36th Tokyo Soshi Exhibition 3

The full album is available here.


How to become a bonsaï master :

If you ever wondered what the secret to being a master of bonsai and expose your trees one day to kokufu look no further! Takayuki Fukushima gives us his secret: tea, beer and scissors.

bonsai master


What the fuck :

We will still keep the ‘what the fuck’ in this new formula. For fun, a little advertising with schoolgirls who will sell you milk.

And another one :


See you soon on ActuBonsaï


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