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J10 visiting Omiya : Kyuka-en

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I know that you are waiting for the photos and the article on the Omiya bonsaï museum, but it is a public museum and it is possible to publish only under certain conditions. They absolutely want to control their image and communication. So I have to write the article and submit their validation before publishing anything.

Since it is usually not permitted to take pictures, and I was able to get a special permission and a visit to the museum with the curator you can wait few more weeks. So to help you wait I offer an article about my visit to Kyuka-en.

les charmes de kyuka-en

The uniqueness of Kyuka-en:

During my two trips to Japan it was giving me the opportunity to visit some nurseries. They are obviously all different, with their specificities, their masterpiece, etc.. But none had left me feeling that I knew in Kyuka-en.

It is very far from the atmosphere of Mansei-en, where the entrance is impressive and where you can admire huge bonsai aligned on fairly high shelves. It is very flashy, especially when you are accustomed to Japanese sobriety.

In Kyuka-en, no big signs telling you the way to the nursery. I even passed in front without me realizing it. Finally it was almost like being in front of the home of an individual, with his little wooden gate, except that a glancing eye recognizes some well-known trees.

zelkova serrata kyuka-en

I am greeted by Yukio Murata, who is the third generation to work in the garden. He works with his father in the maintenance of the collection.

Trees, garden and its nature:

Visit Kyuka-in is like to immerse themselves completely in a special atmosphere. There is nothing superficial about this garden and you can almost feel the nature live in. The paths are narrow and beautiful little plants trying to colonize slowly, we feel that kusamono naturally grow next to the trees. The whole place is used to install the trees. These are arranged on shelves very low and nature is eveywhere.

les allées de la pépinière kyuka-en

In the end when you are there you realize that off the shelves of our bonsai 40 cm can change everything. Large deciduous can be processed directly on the shelves without any handling. The moisture level of the soil is encouraged and can easily grow pretty accompanying plants. In addition, the vision is not blocked and you can contemplate the whole garden in an instant.

Here we are far from spectacular bonsai, who wants to impress, yet there are many outstanding trees. But the goal is apparently not to aim the demonstrative, this garden is poetry, we must learn to take the time to feel rather than to see.

prunus kyuka-en

The official website of kyuka-en. (in english)

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