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revue du bonsai web 16

Web bonsai review #16 – february 2013

Activity intensified in the beginning of this year and the world of bonsai slowly evolves towards a more open world through better communication. It is now easier to find photos and information on major exhibitions in the world, and this is the recently kokufu-ten who showed us. Never before have we been able to find […]

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article bonsai master

Web bonsai review #15 – january 2013

Hello everyone this fifteenth edition of our web bonsai review. The formula is still evolving a bit because the part dedicated to Japan began to be increasingly provided, and therefore it will integrate full articles. In this way the content will remain more readable. Evolution of a masterpiece : Photos : Joe, Melbourne, Australia This […]

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revue du bonsai web 14

Web bonsai review #14 – january 2013

Hello everyone, first review of this bonsai Web 2013 will be dense as the news is important in the beginning of this year. Over the last edition took place, on December 18,  the web knows no pause. There will be two reviews close to catching up. Menu for this early January : bonsai masterpiece, Japanese […]

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