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revue du bonsai web 16

Web bonsai review #16 – february 2013

Activity intensified in the beginning of this year and the world of bonsai slowly evolves towards a more open world through better communication. It is now easier to find photos and information on major exhibitions in the world, and this is the recently kokufu-ten who showed us. Never before have we been able to find […]

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article bonsai master

Web bonsai review #15 – january 2013

Hello everyone this fifteenth edition of our web bonsai review. The formula is still evolving a bit because the part dedicated to Japan began to be increasingly provided, and therefore it will integrate full articles. In this way the content will remain more readable. Evolution of a masterpiece : Photos : Joe, Melbourne, Australia This […]

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revue du bonsai web 14

Web bonsai review #14 – january 2013

Hello everyone, first review of this bonsai Web 2013 will be dense as the news is important in the beginning of this year. Over the last edition took place, on December 18,  the web knows no pause. There will be two reviews close to catching up. Menu for this early January : bonsai masterpiece, Japanese […]

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miyako mess - taikan-ten bonsai exhibition

Web bonsai review #12 – december 2012

The first snow fell and came to cover the bonsai on the shelves. Here is the starting point of this twelfth edition of our web bonsai review. We are particularly fortunate because many pictures of the Taikan-ten circulating at the moment, I also found some great pictures of bonsai taken this autumn and also a good […]

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header bonsai web 11

Web bonsai review #11 – november 2012

Hi all, As you may have noticed November is particularly intense events. Major exhibitions and workshops are held every weekend. I offer you a quick overview of what happened this past two weeks. Exceptional bonsaï : Taisho-en Mame & Shohin by Alejandro Sartori Events : Sakka Ten 2012 Peniscola : The full album by Nicola Kitora Crivelli. Album1(1000 […]

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header-revue du web 10

Web bonsaï review #10 october 2012

Winter is coming, a few days ago we got the first snowflakes and frost. Even if this cold spell will not last, it is time to consider the winter protection. Winter is a difficult time for our trees, low activity reduces watering vigilance and often it is at this time that our bonsai suffer more from drought. […]

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une web review 9

Web bonsai review #9 – october 2012

I approach the ninth review of the web with a special remembrance for my trip to Japan last year. I want to thank again the members Muchujin Shikoku. I have the pleasure to review the master Koji Hiramatsu at the next convention of the EBA 2013 in France which I am a partner. You can […]

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Web bonsai review #8 – october 2012

Last review of bonsai website for the month of September and October opening. I try to keep a publication rate of once every ten days, I hope it suits you. In late September is intense activity on the net. September is well underway and exhibitions will succeed quickly now. As you may have noticed the […]

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Web bonsai review #7 – september 2012

Autumn settles gently. Morning temperatures remind us that summer is well and truly over. Within a few weeks the trees will stain. This is the signal for them as winter approaches, and for us as exhibitions and work will resume. Web bonsai review begins to be well defined: a gallery of exceptional trees, a return to the […]

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